Test and Inspect

Regular electrical testing and inspection of all your appliances, power sources and equipment is a legal requirement for all premises including domestic, commercial & industrial based.

inspection & test

Findlays Electrical Contractors offer a highly efficiently, regular, tailored testing service that is suited around your business ensuring minimal disruption is caused to your working environment. This is a process that is legally required for all our Domestic and Commercial customers. To ensure that you stay fully compliant contact Findlays Electrical for a fast and reliable call out service or call 01302 830072.

The testing of your electrical appliances follows many legal requirements such as regular yearly inspections or it could be as little as 1 annual inspection.

Our passionate and dedicated professionals will carry out any kind of electrical testing or inspection from Fire Alarms to Kitchen Appliances aswell yearly inspections to Electrical Installation Certificates.

All electrical systems should be regularly inspected and conform to the current regulations and correctly documented as evidence that your system has been inspected and maintained. This includes all domestic properties including those that are under short term leasing or are under the supervision of a letting agency.

All appliances that are connected to power sources such as sockets also fall into this category.

With Findlays Electrical Contractors you can be sure of a thorough and organised service which involves:

  • Initial consultation to discuss all legal requirements and regulations that must be obliged.Full service inspection and diagnostic is provided and developed as part of a necessary legal requirement. In potential circumstances where malfunctions may occur, repairs or possible upgrades may be essential to re-optimise the potential performance of the system.
  • Quotations for work will be sent shortly
  • Full inspection and test is carried out on all necessary electrical equipment & appliances
  • A report is then provided
  • Repairs or possible upgrades are recommended and if agreed are carried out
  • The certificate is then issued
  • All customers will then be warned of future testing dates

As with all our services Findlays provide thorough testing using only highly qualified tradesmen with many years of experience in the industry.